It wouldn't be a Dallas Halloween Party without the fun and interesting things
to see and do. Below are some of  entertainment , games and activities
that will be at the CAC Costume Art Ball this year. Click here for map

Great Tunes From Our DJ !

You can't have a Halloween party without music, so we have dallas's hottest DJ Company to set the mood for this ghoulish evening.

Our DJ for the evening
will be Jeremy
From Complete Music

Freaks Of Nature

Leopard Woman Dallas Side Show

Leopard Woman

She was fund running wild on the African plains.
Frog Girl

Frog Girl

Discovered in the sweltering Cajun swamps of Louisiana.
Bearded Lady Halloween Party

The Bearded Lady

Discovered in a North Texas barbershop.

Femme Vivre LaRouge as Leopard Woman These fantastic freaks of nature were all discovered by famed explorer Major D. Von Kramer, and will be appearing LIVE the night of the party. D. Von Kramer

Circus della Morte

North Texas' Longest
Running Sideshow

    Circus members include:
  • Nurse Narcissa (contortionist)
  • Mr. N. Visible (masochist)
  • Kennie (wielder of sharp objects)
  • Charlie Tips (the Coney Island Scoundrel)
  • Mike McNasty (concertina gimp)
  • Dr. Skotch (emcee)
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Dallas Halloween Party
psychic reader Dallas Halloween Party

Lion Taming

Krissie Darlin

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Lydia the Tattooed Lady

Makeup artist extraordinaire

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Dallas Halloween Party
psychic reader Dallas Halloween Party


Levi des Peu-Chapeaux

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assisted by
Lexa Lusty

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Two Caricature Artist

We will have an awesome caricature artist.
Lorin Bernsen

Lorin Bernsen
psychic reader Dallas Halloween Party

The Gypsy

Miss Samantha Nickel

More info to come.

Costume Competition

We put on a very competitive costume
Competition every year.
click here for more information
Costume Competition

Let The Games Begin!

We have fun Halloween games for you to
participate in as you enjoy the party.
There will be Prizes for these games!
Dallas Halloween Party

Food & Drinks

We have the best food of any halloween party around, donated by the top eateries in the DFW area.