Evil Queen - Halloween costume competition
Siamese Twins from the film Big Fish

Strongmen, start lifting those barbells! Ladies, start growing your beards! Halloween will be here before you know it. Now’s the time to plan your Sideshow costume!

To attend CAC’s Dallas Halloween Party, you must be in costume, but if freaks and geeks aren’t your style, we don’t discriminate. Zombies, vampires, and storybook characters are welcome, too. All we ask is that your costume is creative, PG-13 or tamer, and that you have FUN putting it together.

It’s your choice to enter the Costume Competition. If you do, and we’re filled with…..anticipation….please observe the following rules:

Costume Competition Categories

Best of Theme

The costume that bests represents the Sideshow theme. Click the links below for inspiration:

  • Born freaks:
    Siamese twins, lobster boys, rubber men, and other oddities, click here
  • Made freaks:
    Tattooed men, fat ladies, human pincushion and others, click here
  • Working acts:
    Fire-eaters, sword-swallowers, strongmen and others, click here

1st prize (To be determined)
2nd prize (To be determined)

Best Group

The costumes worn by two or more people that collectively best represent a theme. For example, the cast of the movie, Freaks!, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the Addams Family, etc

1st prizes To be determined)
2nd prize (To be determined)

Most Creative

It’s CAC, the central hub of creative minds in Dallas. Think it. Bring it. This is where the concept and execution are crucial.

1st prize (To be determined)
2nd prize (To be determined)

Rules of the Competition

  • You must be present to win
  • Your costume must be appropriate to the category you entered.
  • Your costume must be PG 13 or tamer (click here to see examples)
  • Your entry means you agree to let us take your photo at the party, and that it may be used for future CAC marketing.