Sorry folks. No party for 2013 :-(

L adeeeeeeez and Gentlemen! Come one, come all, come short, come tall! See the World of Wonders – Geeks! Freaks! Monsters! They’ll amaze you! They’ll terrify you! We dare you to step inside the Creative Arts Center for the most amazing show you’ll ever see!

Saturday, October 22, 2011, from 8:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

Leopard Woman      Frog Girl      Bearded Lady
These three sideshow posters are being painted by Dave Kramer for the Costume Art Ball.
You can see his progress on our Facebook page.
Sideshow Trivia

Once upon a time, circuses and carnivals traveled with a remarkable troupe of performers who headlined the sideshows. Human oddities such as bearded ladies, pop-eyed men, and Siamese twins conjoined (pardon the pun) forces with working acts - fire eaters, sword swallowers and belly dancers - to entertain the curious with their strange talents and appearances. This year, the Creative Arts Center Dallas Costume Art Ball pays homage to the sideshow stars of yesteryear. It’s your chance to be the Fat Lady, the Strong Man, or the Frog Girl. Come in costume as your favorite sideshow performer. Come eat, drink, play games, and enjoy the music of the sideshow! Maybe you’ll be the winner of the costume competition! Let’s party ‘til the Fat Lady sings!